Is there a rule against writing several times in one day? I hope not, because now I’m really not scared anymore and all I want to do is write!


I have traces of black paint on my hands from where I was helping paint a display-thingy for the Pro-Life club I’m in. The paint was oil, and therefore not very willing to come off. I had to scrub at it a bit.

Because someone asked, and this is the only way I know how to reply to comments (help, anyone?) in addition to the violin, I have an oboe named Oskar (after my great-grandfather) and I also play the piano and the bass recorder. 🙂 Oskar is very un-cooperative, and I’m no help. And, I’m originally from Kentucky! I’m just at school here in Tennessee.

My poor roomate is sick. She spent $90 today on prescriptions. Isn’t that awful? I’m mad, let me tell you what. So she calls me while I’m at Wal-Mart and asks me to buy cold medicine, but upon further questioning it turns out we already have cold medicine, and la la la…and at the end of the phone call she just starts giggling! The poor dear is so drugged up. It’s wonderful!

I’m at college but I feel as if I were at summer camp.

As a present for the evening, here’s a poem my good friend wrote…


I found it a name
Because at least then
When someone asks
i know it’s there.
They ask me, “How?”
i shrug
They dont need an answer-
I dont need an answer
You want something more
then you probably dont have it,
at least that’s what i hope.

I love that. Thank you Bryce!

Goodnight, all.


2 thoughts on “

  1. Anonymous says:

    very good, yes it is,, oh, you can write in this thing all you want,, that’s what it is for.. you keep writing and we keep reading.. take care..

  2. silly girl, trix are for rabbitsHi! I love your site so far, don’t at all be afeard that people wont’ like you. pretty friendly folks on Xanga, no matter what else is going on. don’t be discouraged if you don’t always get a lot of comments and props, either. decide right away what you’re writing for and just write for that. I know people who just wont’ write unless they get lots of props, and I always think that’s a shame. Trust me, so many people read without taking the time to comment. You’ve got a great style and a refreshing honesty. I like it. nifty thing about the pro-life. I also think and believe that way. the black paint was a badge of honor.

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