I see the world in Pink

There’s noting like sitting in a room sawing away on a violin just wishing that no one can hear you. The practice rooms in our Music Bldg. should really be soundproof; it’s so incredibly ridiculous that they’re not! Actually, though, I don’t think I did too badly today with Eliot. I can now play “Ode To Joy”. 🙂 (I’ve had the violin for a whole three months).


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  1. Congratulations!  The violin must be a big challenge.  I only manage to play a little guitar.  Do you play other instruments, or is this your first?  I’ll look forward to hearing about your progress.

  2. Anonymous says:

    oh, I love to hear the violin, I have many CDs with nothing but violin, I can sit for hour’s end and just listen, sometime’s to me, in the violin I can here the laughter, the tear’s I have one song, and I would swear I could hear the violin’s crying.. love the violin.. I wish I knew how to play one.. but for now all I can do is to listen, well you take care, I have subbed on to you.. see you later..

  3. that pictures is adorable . =)i wish i were talented in the music-department.but, then again, i don’t know i’m not  . i agree with you about the denominations.God told us to be of one accord, and we’re many.it’s saddens me that people can’t get along for their God .
    – h e i d i –

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