Solo las nieblas saben quién esculpió la roca

Hoy siento su presencia entre las sombras

Pide perdón el tiempo por destruir la roca

Aquì en La Zarza la vida aún es sacrada.

(Only the mists know who carved the rock, today I feel his presence within the shadows. The time (or weather) asks forgiveness for destroying the rock…Here in La Zarza, life still is sacred.)

“La Zarza” by Ima Galguen

At least, that’s what I think it says. 🙂 This is such a beautiful song, really, if you can get ahold of this album, then, buy it! You won’t be sorry.

I work for one of the professors in the English and Modern Foreign Language department here at school. Today she went to lunch but left me a list of things to do…Make a poster for this seminar thing we’re having this weekend, then call so-and-so and see which rooms he’s reserved for us.

So I make the poster-no sweat, even though I’d never made one before and wasn’t sure what she would think about it. Next I call this guy’s office, and ask about the rooms. And the lady says:

“I’ve been trying to contact her for a few days! We couldn’t reserve any rooms because there were no rooms availible!”

And getting (what sounded like) a little upset with me over the phone. I wanted nothing more than to say “It isn’t my fault! I just work for her!”, for this was the first day I had even heard about this seminar. So the nice lady puts me on hold to double-check, and I sit there in the office, playing with my pencil, wondering why on earth this had to happen to me again, thoroughly enjoying the jazz music that was playing and wondering, if I were to ask the lady who it was, could she tell me?

She picked the phone back up convientely right after the song ended, and I wondered if she had planned it. “I’m sorry,” she says “We do have the rooms reserved! I was trying to contact her to confirm them.” Oh, my goodness I was so relieved.

I have oboe lessons in seven minutes. I practiced in my dorm room today–even though we’re not supposed to–and no one complained, so I might do that more often.


4 thoughts on “

  1. Anonymous says:

    you know I love music like this, I listen to Inexile – Capercaillie
    and I love it, i listen to all kind’s of music like this , it is nice to know that someone else like stuff like this, I like sacret spirit’s , you name it if it is any thing thing like these i love them.. you have a great day see ya later

  2. wow. you play the oboe? I always wanted to, but couldnt’ afford to get one in high school. so the clarinet it was. I don’t even play that anymore. sometimes I wish I still did, but you know, I think what i really want to play is the guitar. Yeah, that’s what i want to learn how to play.

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