The most wonderful thing happened on my way to practice!

I was walking to go in the side door to the music building, when I noticed a mockingbird on the ground, with another mockingbird, and they were fighting! At least, I thought they were fighting but I think it was more like a game of tag, except we all probably know it was not tag but I’m going to pretend it was anyways. So, they’re chasing each other through the bushes…actually, it was kind of like hide-and-go-seek…and all of the sudden there’s a third mockingbird! 

It was so cute!

The third mostly just watched the other two, and hid a little bit, then hopped away, but the other gtwo continued to chase each other until one finally flew away. It was wonderful. I stopped and watched the whole thing; I know I was just grinning like an idiot.

I’m wearing green today!

You know the little pink picture a few inches down? Here’s the link for the quiz. 🙂


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