Well a good morning to everyone! There’s not a cloud in the sky here and I couldn’t be in a weirder mood. Well, actually, maybe I could, but this one is pretty strange. I didn’t get my coffee this morning because I don’t have any cash, and so I’m sort of floating through the morning with a disjointed sense of unreality. It’s very interesting…feel free to join me!

I’m actually supposed to be practicing my oboe right now…

Do you want to know something really funny? For the past few days I’ve been meaning to write the word “right” but instead I write “write”. I just did it again. Now, this started before I made this journal thing! So stop laughing!

But anyways, I’m supposed to be practicing right now but here I am on Xanga instead! Hmm. I have lessons tonight and this is the only time I have to practice before then. I have an hour before class starts, and I won’t be able to play the thing for more than fifteen minutes before my lips quit working. It’s all good!


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