Oh well. They won’t let me donate blood, either, because I’ve been out of the country in the past three years; The Dominican Republic, Mexico, and Honduras. (Side note: The nurse–bless her heart–didn’t know where the Dominican Republic is and asked me if Honduras is in Europe.) Anyway, I tried, right? And they gave me a t-shirt anyways. (They’re so nice!)


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  1. Anonymous says:

    well bless your heart sweety, you tried, thank you so much for the caring comment’s they mean a lot to me, I use to enjoy the eprops when I first came here to Xanga, but i have found the comment’s alone are the best, it’s nice to know someone will read what I write… thank you so much..

  2. lol. I couldn’t give blood because I panicked. my heart rate went through the roof and I couldn’t calm down enough that they’d accept any blood from me. but you know what? that’s fine. I don’t like needles enough to make it worth the hassle.

  3. i refuse to give blood. if a needle is getting stuck in me i better have a pretty piece of jewelry to show for it its irrational, i know, but i hate that kind of needle
    my friend was upset cuz she couldn’t give blood. if she had gotten her tattoo THIS weekend instead of LAST then she could have. ah well

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