Today has been a most interesting and yet completely boring wednesday. I’ve changed clothes four times, already!

My violin lessons were cancelled today; I’m not sure if I’m relieved or not. I always get nervous before I go, but I think I was going to do really well today, so I’m a little disappointed. Oh well. All this talent, just wasted! Ha.

This morning, I got up about twenty minutes before class, so I barely had enough time to make myself presentable and get coffee before class. I made it on time though, except I could have sworn that I brought my notebook with me to class…Except, upon sitting down, I discovered I did not  have it with me.

Did I leave it at the coffee stand?

The guy that sits beside me in the class works with my sister, so I guess we have sort of a special bond even though we don’t know each others’ names. I told him I was going back to see where I put it, and for him to tell the prof. if I wasn’t back by the time he called roll. Role? Roll. Quien sabe.

So I run back to the coffee stand, running its contents over in my head, to remember if I had anything really private in there. I couldn’t remember anything. It didn’t really matter, anyways, because it wasn’t there, which means I left it in the room this morning. But I swear! I could remember going out the door with it!

After class, I returned to the dorm and there was my notebook, sitting on my desk. I think I actually did  leave it at the stand, and it ran back by itself. Ornery thing!

My door is open. I don’t remember opening it! Hmm.

I’m going to give blood in a few minutes. I’m so nervous, but I’m excited. I like to help; I’m an organ donor, but I’m not dead yet so this is (to me) a sort of live organ-doning.

I’m having smell-paranoia again.


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