So, Jess (my roommate/best friend) and I have driven all around town with Dani and Chrystal’s big orange rug, which we have affectionately named “Percy”. We took pictures of Percy next to the fountain, walking into Wal-Mart, sitting in a rocking chair at Cracker Barrel, and other various places. We returned from our escapades and I was looking for someplace to hide Percy where they would never think to look, when all of the sudden Jess emits this half-shriek, half-laughing sound which of course nearly scares me to death, but I thought she was laughing at my hiding Percy behind my body pillow (which, by the way, I have lovingly named “Boromir”), which I couldn’t really understand the humor in. Upon turning around, however, I discovered the true source of her surprise…

Our very large framed poster of Legolas, which hangs over our microwave, was gone!

In its place was this (typed) note:

Dear Lovely Ladies,

I am sorry, but I must be on my way to kill more orcs and save dear Frodo from danger. You are both beautiful women and I will miss seeing your faces everyday.

Love, Legolas


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