Well, I did really well on my New Testament exam, which is great. A 98! That makes my week easier.

Legolas came back, finally, after a couple of phone calls and messages; Percy called me while I was in Dani and Chrys’ room and announced he would not be returning until Legolas came home. I also have a note on my door:

 I have a very important meeting to attend. I will not return until Percy is safe and returned home.


But finally everything worked out, and Percy is back on their floor as he should be, but Legolas is sitting on the floor next to the microwave. I think the note is too funny, and I’m not tired of it enough yet to put him back up in its place. 🙂

Percy & Chrystal’s car

Percy goes for a dip.  

Percy takes a walk.

Percy visits Medlin.

 Percy goes to Wal-Mart

Percy sits a spell.

Well, I really need some coffee now. I’m super-short on money, so it’s half-sized coffee cups for me for at least this whole week. I hope I make it!


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