Well, I just finished the walk for Cistic Fibrosis. It was great…almost two hours long. My legs are burning, but it’s all good. I’m not entirely sure what C. F. is, but I know a girl at home that has the disease. When she was eight years old, they gave her two years to live. That was a year ago. She’s so precious.

I had the strangest dreams last night.


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  1. Thanks for your guestbook entry and your interest in my words and meanderings. Feel free to make yourself at home.As to the content of this post of yours, I believe C.F. is some sort of muscular degenerative disease that can, over time, disable a person’s ability to walk, breathe, and function normally, leading even to death, sadly. A friend’s sister has it as well. They moved to warmer climes, as apparently warm weather helps things slow down. Much prayer needed for those afflicted with this… nasty stuff.Have a wonderful day.

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