So many things, I think, I could do or could be, if only I didn’t know that I was 75% likely to fail.

My cousin, two years my junior, has been talking about wanting to go to college in Scotland for something like two years now. But, as we talk right now, and I ask her about it, her answer is, simply, ‘it will never happen’.

It will never happen.

She’s probably right, in fact, she is right, in a way. And that makes me a little sad. Well, in fact, it makes me very sad. I’ve never heard her regard any of her dreams so…realistically. It bothers me, in a way…because really, and truly, it could happen, it would just take a lot of work. How many things could we do if we really worked at it? I would be so much better at oboe, for one thing. There’s just so many things that could happen, but the don’t because we say “it will never happen” and then forget about it. And do you know what? That’s really sad.

Oh well.  


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  1. sometimes.. we realize that our goals will take us a lot more work than we thought they would, and that makes us want to give them up..
    but, when you do reach them, they’re so much sweeter in the end…

    (( . shauna . ))

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