Yes, now I’ve done it to myself. Now I’m listening to Walking on Air and there goes that weird feeling.

I wish I could describe the picture in my head to you, but I’m afraid it can’t be put into words.

I’m not even sure if this is the correct album for the song. Forgive me if I’m wrong. I actually came into possession of the CD that has the song on it in a strange way. I’m so strange in general, I think. What fun!

But besides…the story. I work at a skating rink when I’m at home; I’ve worked there for nearly four years. When I returned from my travels last winter and spring I started my job back up in mid-May. I remember my first night back on the job, there was a burned cd on the counter next to the dj stand-thingy, called “angry mellow groove”. Upon asking I discovered that it belonged to one high-school senior who had attended a private party not too long ago, asked to have a song played off of that cd, and then forgot it. Well, needless to say I was quite curious of the contents of the cd, what with the title and all.

Well, the months wore on, and my last night before I started packing for school, one of my co-workers asked if I wanted the cd. She knew I really liked instrumental music, and she was pretty certain that the whole cd consisted of that. Overjoyed, I immediately accepted. I mean, the guy wasn’t coming back for it anytime soon.

Well, she was wrong. There’s actually maybe…hmm…three instrumental songs? But it’s alright. The cd consists mostly of King Crimson and obscure Bowie songs…really quite odd ones. At least, more odd than normal. The whole cd is strange, to say the least. I only like five songs on it, maybe six. But the really interesting thing is, even though I’ve never met him, don’t even know what he looks like, I’d just love to meet whoever made this cd, and…well, I don’t know…hang out. Ha! And I’d say,

“Hey. Great CD.”

The end.


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  1. angry mellow groove? quite a conglomeration there.Nonetheless, i admire his ability to name his CD. I am terrible at that. My CD’s are called things like “Good Stuff” or “Really Good Stuff” or my favorite is called, “Really Really Good Stuff”. I wish I was making this up. Or I name them things like “Songs”… “Songs 2″… I’m terrible at naming CD’s. However, there shall be no more CD’s at all, it appears. When I upgraded my system, the burner stayed behind… and nothing works anymore, much to my misery/pain. props for a great blog. You’ve got a wonderful style. Takes me a while to get into reading a site – I don’t have all that many “sites I read”, since it’s more of a “sites I’m willing to make time to read” list. however, I think I shall be coming around here more often. of course, I don’t normally say so much in a comment… I’m going to go put on underwear now.

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