I don’t know what song this is…it’s on one of Jess’ burned cd’s. But it makes me want to drive through the country at sunset.

On a sort of funny note, speaking of naming cd’s, Katrina. Jess has a cd in her car that cracks me up every time I see it; it’s called Lower Standards. As for me, I always name the cd whatever I’m doing at the time, or whatever is dominating my thoughts. For example, one is called Death Mix because my cousin (actually, father’s cousin) Charles had just died, and now the songs are forever branded in my memory as “his” songs. Other self-explanatory titles are: Early Morning WorkoutConoco Night; Going Home. Our most recent compilation is lovingly named Stupid Doctors, Caramel Pie.  There’s a sort of long-ish story behind that one, a story I believe you can find at LookitsJeska’s page.

Seldom have I been so annoyed with someone in authority over me, and not in some time have I been spoken to in such a patronizing way.

He’s really quite lucky that I have no skill in quick and nasty comebacks, or he really would have gotten an earful. There’s something about waiting for four hours (six in Jess’ case) to hear a doctor say that your friend is exaggerating her condition that can really just bring out the worst in you.

Death, I say! Death!

No matter. As we had already read all of the magazines in Exam room 6, we began to sing songs by the Vines, not too loudly, but just enough that people walking past would get a kick out of it. And, since we didn’t know all of the words…it went a little bit like this:

I’m tired of feeling sick and useless…

Then..um..la la la don’t know the words…

gluing my eyes together,  (simultaneously) Jess: again…Erin: giiiiirl…

Might be the right escape…

AAAHHHHHH (x5….or 6…)

Anyways. If you know the song “Country Yard” by the Vines, then you will be able to truly appreciate how much we butchered it. I only wish you could have been there to hear it.

I’m trying to get up the courage to write a Sestina; a really interesting sort of poem. Since my desire to write has returned for the week or so, I figure I might as well take advantage of it.

Jess tells me this song is by Coldplay and it is called “Clocks”. Yes, dear reader, I like it quite a bit.


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