I don’t know if I should take French, or Nonfiction Writing, or both.


I’m crazy about languages, so I don’t really have a good reason to take French other than I just want to learn it.

I’m thinking about a minor in Writing, and Non-fic Writing is one of the classes that’s required. Plus,  I went and talked to Dr. Coulter yesterday to have him describe the course to me, and it sounded like it would be right up my alley, so to speak. But, I really want to take French!

I could take both, and that would give me seventeen hours for the semester. But, I’m going to have to get a real job next semester, and I don’t want to be run ragged. But, I have fifteen hours this semester and I only work five hours a week, and I have alot of time that I really just waste.

I’ll think I’ll sign up for both, and see what happens.


I’m rather proud of myself; I went shopping last night with Jess, Maria, and Nadine, but I didn’t spend any money! Oh, what a good girl I am, but now I’m sort of depressed. I really wanted something new. We went to Barnes and Noble’s, too, and I found two books I want, but I didn’t get them, either! What’s wrong with me? I’ve never been so frugal before! It’s a good thing but it is, in a way, distressing at the same time. I don’t know why. Sort of like Tiffany’s step-father’s aunt, who had very bad teeth all of her life. When she finally got her teeth fixed she was so distressed because she could no longer perceive the image in the mirror as herself; it was someone else. Then, she went crazy.

I hope it’s not like that.

As soon as I do laundry, I’m going to go through my clothes, pick the few things that I actually like to wear, and give all the rest to Goodwill. I mean, really! I have so much clothes, and here I am talking about wanting to buy more! But seventy-five percent of the things in my closet/dresser I don’t even ever wear! Really, truly, that’s ridiculous. And I call everyone else with a ridiculous amount of clothes…Join me! Get rid of them! Other people may need them more than you.

Oh, my goodness. On to Spanish! 


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  1. I would suggest French nonfiction writing, but you probably need some French first.  Oh well.  I once tried Spanish, Greek, and French the same semester.  (I couldn’t get my German class due to conflict.)  I loved French and found it relatively easy after all my Spanish, but it had to go.  I was spending more time in the language lab as a student listening to all the required tapes than I spent there as a student worker.  LOL.  Bon chance!

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