For a few weeks now, Dr. Perez (my Message of New Testament teacher) has been making fun of me for my coffee.

“What’s that stuff?” he asks. (He’s from New York, so you can read that with a think New York accent.)

“It’s chocolate raspberry,” I say. (I don’t really have that much of any kind of accent.)

“Why do you want to put that fruity stuff in there? That’s not coffee!” And la la la…Don’t worry, he was jokingly making fun of my coffee preference, but he actually really doesn’t like “fruity coffee”. So, I decided I was going to change his mind.

I asked him a few days ago how he took his coffee. Cream and sugar, he smiled. Was I going to get him coffee? Yes, I was. Fruity coffee. He puts on his fake mad face. He doesn’t want any of tht fruity stuff! But I was going to get it anyways, and he was going to like it! I was determined.

So, this morning I got my usual–my spiffy star-cup fillesd with chocolate raspberry from Pura Vida (absolutely the best coffee ever) and I also got a small cup for him. I put what I thought was the right amount of cream and sugar and set off for my class.

As I walked in, I decided to set my stuff down in the back of the classroom where I always sit, seeing as the articles in my hands were in rather precarious positions.

As I walk to the back, this girl laughed. “Erin, do you really need that much coffee?”

(I feel so bad, dearest reader of mine; I have no idea who she is or how she knows my name.)

Anyways, I laughed and said yes, actually, but the smaller cup was for Dr. Perez. So I walked back up to the front, handed him the cup and told him to please keep his reaction to himself.

Which, of course he didn’t.

The class was still a few minutes from starting, but there were several students already in the classroom watching as he took a sip, smiled, said I was right, it was good, then proceeded to go out the door and pretended to vomit…

I reminded him that I had asked him to keep his reaction to himself.

He told me he was going to drink the whole thing, and I told him right back that he didn’t have to drink it if he didn’t like it. I felt slightly miffed as he would carry the cup around as he lectured, take a sip and then make this horrible face, then laugh and say to me that he really did think it was good. Then he would make this “yeah right” face and wink to the people closest to him. I could only sigh.

Well anyways. The class finally ended, which really isn’t a “finally” matter, because I really enjoy that class. (It’s probably my favorite.) I went up front to ask him a question about one of his “mini-sermons” he always gives, and as I walked out, he thanked me for the coffee, and admitted that it really was quite good. I just smiled; I told you so.  


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