Pardon me as I try to keep myself from yawning.

Last night was simply marvelous, and interesting, to say the least. We left Cleveland at six in the evening, intending to slide through someplace to get something to eat before our play began, at eight.

Well, we didn’t get anything.

Insted we missed our exit, came into Chattanooga the “back” way, and spent the next hour and a half driving circles around the city, trying to find that ridiculous theatre that no one really seemed to know the location to. Finally, two UTC students gave us the correct directions, and we stomped, starving, into the theatre a few minutes before eight o’clock.

Thankfully, the play–Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead–was wonderful, which made up for our somewhat annoying circumstances. Later we all went to Red Lobster and ate pasta.

We got back to the university sometime around midnight. I woke up this morning to help my spiritual life club, the Youth Leaders Association, set up their booth for Lee Day. When I got out to the ped mall, seven in the morning, I couldn’t find anyone but greek club members, who are more than a little frightening. Fortunately they had the coffee stand up and running, so I could get some chocolate raspberry stuff while I waited for Kendall and Rachel.

At eight o’clock,  I was painted blue and donned a sign with the letter “Y” on it.

 Yes, you read that right.  

Myself, our vice president Beth, and the CSU rep Jackie were all completely blue and wore signs with Y, L, and A (Youth Leaders Association, get it?) respectively, and ran about terrorizing…I mean, inviting…people to come see our booth.

It took me a half hour to wash all that stuff off.

And so, and one o’clock I went back to sleep, and I just woke up, to explain why I’m trying not to yawn.

I suppose I won’t be sleeping any tonight, either,


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  1. Being painted blue–now that’s commitment!  I’ve been talking to my youth group about commitment for weeks, and I may have to hold you up to them as a shining example.    Sleep fast when you can…

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