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  1. ohhgoossh!Seriously.. you and me.. we’re in the same boat..See, my hair’s always been darrrrrk.. (see profile picture) but.. when I turned 13, I began to dye it shades of blonde.. until the whole thing just ended up blonde. And, my hair grows SUPER fast, so I kept having to have it redyed, and redyed, and redyed.. and it was getting to be pretty exspensive. So I decided, heck with this.. I’m going back to my natural color.. so I did.. and everyone’s like, “ dyed your hair black!!” haha.. so many people don’t like it, but then so many other people do. *I* like it, and that’s what matters. *I’m* the one that has to live with it.. not them.Just like, you’re the one that has to live with your goregous red hair.. and not your uncle.. right? So.. he may not like it.. but… you do.. so… it’s all good. =) Just don’t let ’em get to ya.. kay??..

    (( . shauna . ))

  2. what a mean kittie! making u look all over while sitting in the barn the whole time. lol. my dogs once hid under the deck…pain in the butts. but pets are worth it! at least mine are to me. =)
    well i hope u had a good weekend! t2yl. bye.

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