I went “easter-dress” shopping today; a fun tradition that still manages to bring out the best and the worst in me. I can seldom find something I really like. Today, though, believe it or not, I found something that definetely struck my fancy, and it only took me an hour and a half to find it. Can you believe it? I can’t quite grasp it, myself.

I’m home now. Did I mention I’m home now? Well, I am, and not a moment too soon. My grandmother’s beautician gave me a tip on how to get my color to tone down just a bit…dishwashing liquid. Yes, ladies and gentlemen. Who knew?

I also found out today that my best friend growing up…that is, the girl who was my best friend while I was growing up…that is, from the time I was eight or nine until I was thirteen or fourteen…or fifteen…anyways. I haven’t talked to her in more than a year, and I found out today by some random woman that attended one of the churches we sang together at that she’s getting married in a month. She’s barely eighteen. As you can imagine, this is quite a shocker. I don’t know what to think, actually. Her parents have refused to come to the wedding. This is the same guy they forbade her to see three years ago. I know she’s gone out with several other guys since then, so it really surprises me that she’s back with him, and marrying him, at that. I just don’t know what to think.

You see, there were three of us, four actually, that were so close during those years: Myself, my sister Aimee, Devin, and Bethany, the one who will be married in a month. Devin got pregnant at fifteen, and got marrieed shortly after. Bethany’s getting married now, like I said, at eighteen. My sister dropped out of the university only thirty-six hours from graduating, and is now getting married. I’m left, now, no engagement, not even a boyfriend, only plans for a career.

My mom asked me if I felt wiser. I said no, I feel like a survivor.

But back to my first  train of thought; the outfit I bought today. Listen to this: The skirt was a six (and just a little too big, but not bad; they didn’t have a four.) and the top was a size 0. That’s right–zero. Ladies and gentlemen, I’m very surprised.


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