Yes, I’ve finally gotten around to telling my stories. I hope you all enjoy! But I really don’t know where to start.

You know this song, “Tiny Dancer”? For years, I thought he was singing about Tony Danza. I’m quite serious. Turns out that’s not the case at all. Disappointing, in a way. I really thought I was the only person who thought that; however, a couple months back I received a magazine from Delia’s. They always put weird sayings or questions on the bottom of every page. Things like “Are fish ticklish?” or “If I ruled the world [insert strange law here]”. Well, this particular issue had choices, like “Innie or outie?”; “Lipstick or Eyeliner?”; and then…

“Tiny Dancer or Tony Danza?”

I knew I wasn’t the only one!!

So, I cut (well, actually–ripped) it out and taped it on my wall next to my door–right next to the picture of myself eating a poptart with one leg over my head.

That wasn’t one of my stories, but I was just listening to Tiny Dancer and I thought I’d share. I still sing it “Tony Danza”, though.

Hold me closer, Tony Danza….

Anyways, did I have something important to say? I think I did.

Have you ever tried to live one day with the mindset that everything is funny? I do it unintentionally, sometimes, I think. Monday as my mom, my grandmother (Nana) and I were in Nashville, I was listening to music (can’t remember what) and reading the signs of stores we passed, and all of them seemed so funny to me. Well, not all of them, but most. Some were actually pretty strange–like, “Twinky’s 20″ Twankies” (I didn’t make that up. What on earth is a “twankie”? The store had nothing but hubcaps.) others just struck me funny. I wish I could remember the names, but I can’t now.

I was on a mission over Easter Break, to find the Amelie soundtrack.

Couldn’t find it.

So while we were in Nashville, at one of the malls, I stuck out on my own in search of a CD store. There’s only one in Rivergate, and it’s the saddest excuse for a music store I’ve ever seen. If there’s any employee of that store reading this, I apologize, but you know it’s true. So, needless to say they didn’t have it.

So we went to Opry Mills next, and I looked in the rather large Tower Records store to see if they had it. Indeed, it was there, but for $18.99. Now, ladies and gentlemen, I’m sorry but unless I really, really, really want a certain cd very very badly, I really don’t feel like paying $18.99 for it. So I meandered about the mall with Mom and Nana, wondering how badly I really wanted the CD, whether or not I was willing to pay for it, whether I was in the position to pay for it, if I didn’t buy it, what else could I get with the money…I think you get the idea. As we were getting ready to leave, Nana offered to buy it for me since she didn’t get me anything for Easter, Bless her! So, of we went to Tower Records, and went to buy the CD. The guy working the check-out thingy was a punk–or, freak–or, well, I’m not sure what they call themselves, and I’m always afraid I’ll use the wrong term and offend someone. But yuo know the type. He had a myriad of small buttons all over his shirt, which read “Conformity is the disease, and rebellion is the cure”. Dear readers, he was so shy, it was absolutely precious. I just wanted to give him a hug. I noticed he was wearing what appeard to be the One Ring on a chain around his neck, (For those of you who are not well-versed in the works of Tolkien, that’s the ring everyone’s trying to get ahold of/destroy in the books. And movies.) so I asked him to make sure. He looked up, smiled, and nodded. We payed for the CD–which, by the way, rang up as $11.99–and bid him ” good day” (he smiled again and I just wanted to hug him). Ah, really, he was so adorable. I know he probably wouldn’t appreciate my calling him that, but he really was.

Well, I actually have more stories but I have a rather short attention span and I’m tired of sitting here and typing. I hope you all enjoyed that one. Have a wonderful day!   


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  1. Anonymous says:

    i had one of those days.. where everything is funny.. its when im down for so long that all the laughter that hasnt been out just spills out.. it was the craziest day of my life.. by the way.. cool bathroom..

  2. i used to swear that billy joel was saying ‘sing us a song yellow piano man’ instead of ‘you’re the piano man’. so i figured he was mixed or cowardly. it was a constant source of confusion for me when i was a child.

  3. you’re great!  i love reading your journals!  so much fun!  so, yeah, the mural of mine…  it took me round about two and a half months.  but, i didn’t work on it every day, and when i did, it was only in the afternoons.  my other job there was to be a nanny.  so, i painted in my spare time.  i don’t have a scanner, and i don’t know anyone with one.  as soon as i can find someone with one, i’ll let you see them.  you probably have more of an idea of what you’re doing, though!  i wish you all the luck and fun with it!!

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