Oh my, this is the longest I’ve gone without writing. But don’t worry! I’ll be back later today when I actually have time.

I’m all moved back to the University, and have a few very exciting stories to tell, but I have to go to violin lessons now. My very last lesson; of the semester, that is. I hope I’ll be able to find someone to teach me over the summer.

In a few hours!


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  1. that’s a great mural you’re painting!  is this your first?  are you working free hand?  what kind of paints are you using?i painted a mural of noah’s ark for a little boy’s bedroom when i was in ireland.  it’s so much fun!  good luck with that!

  2. LOL–Tony Danza…you know, once when I was a little girl I could’ve sworn that I sat next to Tony Danza on an airplane. I was alone though, so I didn’t have anybody to second-guess me. So for the sake of this comment, let’s just say it was him.
    Have a beautiful day!

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