I’m fairly convinced that today is going to be more on the odd side of things. Thank heavens it’s Friday–and I mean that–because if I were to have a day like this in the middle of the week, I think I’d be worried. As it is I’m rather enjoying it.

I got up late again this morning. Jess’ alarm went off at 8:30, but it normally goes off at 7:50, so I thoughtit was forty minutes earlier than it actually was. Luckily, the sound of cereal being eaten made me look at the clock and realize I had roughly fifteen minutes to get ready.

Now, I am not one of those college students that gets up two minutes before class and just goes in their pajamas. I’ve never, not once gone to class in my pajamas, excepting the time when I was sixteen and was visiting my sister here at Lee and she made me go to her 9 a.m. Psych class–coincedentally the exact same Psych class I’m now in–have I gone to a class in my pajamas. But, if I want to get coffee and be on time for class too, I knew I only had a very short amount of time to do what I needed to do…but, by the time I had made myself presentable, alas, there was no time left for coffee. I always get stuck behind two people who want the most complex drink the stand sells. Nevertheless, I took my coffee cup and $1.50  with me, and as I stepped out of my dorm I glanced (rather wistfully, I thought to myself) towards the coffee stand, and could see two people in line. So, I walked sadly to class.

Now, ladies and gentlemen, strange things happen when I dont get my coffee at my usual time.

Dr. Perez asked me today where his coffee was. I told him I hadn’t even been able to get myself coffee, because I was going to be late if I had. He inisted that that wasn’t an excuse, so I asked him(nicely, of course) if he wanted me to be late, because I could have been late, but I wasn’t, and therefore had no coffee. Everyone in the class laughed, but I’m not sure why; personally, while the matter itself is amusing, nothing I said was. At least, I don’t think so. Maybe something fell out of my nose when I said that, I don’t know. I should ask Stephanie.

Dr. Perez really is so nice. I’m going to miss his class.

I keep getting distracted from writing. Heavens!

So after class I meandered on over to the coffee stand, had to wait behind to other people ordering the hardest-to-make drink they possess, when all of a sudden this voice appeared beside me…

“And what are you getting for me…?”

I almost wet myself.

You see, I’m somewhat like a cat when I’m startled; I just freeze. But not to worry, it was only Jess, little sneaky person that she is. She had seen me from all the way across campus and had come only with the intention to frighten my little un-caffeinated self. She’s always doing things like that, un-called for, although perhaps it was revenge for yesterday when I made her try that chocolate protien drink, even though I had already tried it and knew full well it tasted like “watered-down-chocolate-paper towel”, not the white paper towels, but the brown kind you find in gas station bathrooms. I wasn’t trying to deceive her, persay. I just wanted to see her reaction.

I have to go to work now. I hope you all have a lovely (and un-strange) day.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    hey! thanks for the comment.. click on look and feel and then go towards the bottom and it has stuff on background pics..

  2. that’s really cool to have a professor that you enjoy so much… i’m jealous. i do have one prof that looks like the  Crocodile Hunter though…i must admit i kind of enjoy that

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