Well, I still have a couple of stories to tell but I still don’t feel like telling them. (ha!)

I went hiking up Chillhowee again yesterday, Its my new favorite place; the group consisted of myself, Jess, our friend Maria, Chrystal, her boyfriend John, and Josh.

Well, I wasn’t going to tell the story, but I guess I will anyways.

Last tuesday I was in the cafeteria with Jess, and Elizabeth. Chrystal had been there earlier, but she left to go to a meeting. So, the three of us were just sitting there. I put my head down on the table; it was Tuesday, and Tuesday meant oboe lessons–my reed was cracked and I was not looking forward to it. And, all of the sudden this guy I’ve never met before sits down in the chair between Elizabeth and I. He’s turned towards me, and I can only stare at him blankly wondering what on earth he is doing sitting at our table. He speaks, and the words sort of tumble out, and even though I can hear them, only a few register…”Hi….Josh…come over and talk…you’re really cute…hang out sometime?”

I just laid my head back on the table. Then a horrible thought struck me, and I looked around the cafeteria for the table of laughing guys that had put him up to it. I didn’t find them.

So anyways, long story short. This is the first time this has ever happened to me, ever ever. Never before. We talked a little bit; he’s a 20-yr-old pre-med major, plays drums and guitar, played the cello for nine years. Really nice guy. So, now you know who Josh is.

So it was the six of us, tramping about the forest on top of the mountain, trying to find the trail that led us to the waterfall. After a short detour we finally got on the right path. It was an adventure, I can tell you. When we found it, ladies and gentlemen, it was absolutely breathtaking. I’ve never been to a waterfall that you could actually walk up to, or take your shoes off and stand almost under. And it wasn’t a little waterfall, so don’t mistake me. But it was beautiful.

In the afternoon we played volleyball, which only served to remind me that I’m an artistic musical person and not an athelete. My arms are bruised…and I didn’t really play that much. I think I was just the comic relief.

Well, I had intended to write more, however I have to go meet some friends to finish math homework.

Thanks a million to all of you who commented on my last post. Your comments were so encouraging and helpful. Thank you!

Have a good day, everyone.


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  1. Hey! I just wanted to say “bravo” to this post! It was so delightfully entertaining to read. “I laughed, I cried…it moved me.”  You have such an amazing talent for writing, and I just wanted you to know that! Have a most splendid afternoon.  Au revoir!

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