Good news, everyone. There were no spiders in bed with Erin last night. I know you’re all relieved. We can all sleep better tonight.

This morning was my last New Testament class. I’m a little sad, only a little, although if there was one class I wouldn’t want to end, it would be that one. I would much rather go to New Testament again at noon instead of Math. I’m not sure if I have a quiz in that class or not, but his quizzes are always ridiculously easy, so I don’t think I’m going to study too much for a easy quiz that I’m not even sure exists.

In about twenty minutes is my last violin lesson, too.

Everything ends today! (Except for all my classes that ended yesterday…)


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  1. happiness about class ending, though. and thank GOODNESS bout the spiderlessness. I have this really weird thing about spiders. on general principle they enrage me. just for being there. I used to wake up with them crawling on me, too. oh, oh the horrors.

  2. I’m terribly afraid of spiders- it’s really quite pathetic. When I lived in the dorms, I woke up one day with an ENORMOUS spider bite on my neck! AAAHH!
    Ooh, violin lessons- enjoy!!

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