I’m a really bad study-er. I just don’t really know how to do it right, I think. Not enough practice or something. Most of the time, I don’t really know how to study for something so I skim it for a couple of minutes the night before. But the funny thing is, I have a 3.8 GPA.

My Spanish final went well. Thank you to everyone who wished me luck! Dr. Smith makes the longest tests ever. Most exams can be finished in about half of the time given, but his exams…

I always get very worried that I won’t be able to finish in time.

Spanish is my major, so I love the class.  The tests are not as hard as they are just plain tedious.

A little while ago, Danielle and Jess and I took Danielle’s garbage out. It was most likely the most musical and interesting trip to the dumpsters I’ve ever had; we sang random lyrics to the tune of “The Farmer in the Dell” that corrosponded to whatever we were doing at the moment. i.e.:

We’re taking out the trash!

We’re taking out the trash!

Heigh-ho spaghettios,

We’re taking out the trash!

I believe you see what I mean. We would go on, “We’re walking down the hall…we’re entering the stairwell…we’re going down the stairs…” Etc. After throwing the trash in the dumpster (heigh-o spaghettios) Jess decided she wanted to go up the fire escape, so up we went, going through a window into the hallways connecting the dorms Simmons and Nora Chambers. Yes, we received a number of strange looks from the residents.  It was all great fun.


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  1. That just gave me the biggest laugh I’ve had all day- I’m so jealous that “taking out the trash” wasn’t my idea- totally hilarious!
    Wow, so you’re a Spanish major…I’ve thought about making that my second major, but trying to do a double major has seemed quite daunting. I’m still hoping to minor in it though. Since I’m a bad study-er too, I doubt that taking on a whole extra major would be a good plan. Good luck!

  2. Hah! Erin, gee I thought I was only one who sang ridicules songs while doing minial labor! I am quite pleased. As for the studying….I suppose I have always prided myself on my knack for it. Motivation is the key. I always scare myself into thinking I may one day be on Jeopardy or that if I don’t remember the highlighted text those Umpa Lumpas from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory will drag me off through town square singing “what do you get when your kid is a dunce!” Tell you what, that always puts the fear of studying in me! 
    Anyhoo….have a happy day! Retta

  3. Felicitaciones!  I like the singing, too.  You realize, if you’d don it in Spanish, most of your listeners would have had very different, more positive thoughts.  Most things sound wonderful in Spanish, verdad? 

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