Don’t get me wrong. I love coffee. I adore coffee. I’d rather have coffee than alot of things.

But when you’re eating jelly bellies of varied flavors and not paying attention to what you’re putting in your mouth when, coffee can be a very unpleasant thing; just like buttered popcorn.

“Mmm…lime. Mmm…orangy-tangy stuff. Mmm…some other kind of fruity flavor. Mm–mocha??

I believe you see my point.

Mom says she found the soap-flavored one, but forgot to take note of the color.  It’s always an adventure around here.


8 thoughts on “

  1. i’m very selective with my jelly beans. i only eat the red or redish ones. or blueberry. besides that, i stay away from them – i consider the ‘fancy’ flavors very sketchy.

  2. Jelly Bellies are the only kind of jelly beans that I find acceptable.  I only eat them with my friends, and we each have different favorites, so we divide them and it works out very well.  No one likes the black licorice ones, though, so we always separate those out to throw at people who need it.  Good things. 

  3. Anonymous says:

    I love jelly beans.  I know what you mean though, I love popcorn, but I find popcorn flavored jelly beans to be disgusting.  Some things just should not be made into a candy.

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