Hooray! My room is green!

Jess came up today to help me with the dragging–a technique that my painting book says requires “a steady hand, speed, practice, and at least one other person to  help”. (I wasn’t sure if one out of four was good or not, but decided to go for it anyways.) I figured that even though she arrived at my house at about nine o’clock this morning I would still probably have to finish it myself tonight. Not so! We finished my whole room in less than two hours, then went for lunch at Richpond Market. It took us probably another two hours to put on some finishing touches, then we still had time to watch Dr. Phil and Oprah before she had to head back to Nashville.

The room looks great, even though the dragged lines are actually supposed to be straight and not overlap (I think). We knew it wasn’t going to be perfect, so we just went for it. The effect overall looks rather rustic in a lovely, charming way. It reminds me of bamboo, or summer camp out in the woods next to a river. I just want to sit and stare at it! The green matches the fields outside my window (I live way out in the country–just ask Chrystal) and with the lines sort of resembling very tall grass, when I look at it I feel as if the outdoors is creeping into my room, or vice versa. It’s really wonderful. I can’t wait to move back in! 


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