I’m in a very…complaining mood.

I forgot to set my alarm last night, so I got up too late to take a shower. I feel icky, but thankfully my hair was feeling cooperative today and looked better than it wuld have if I had styled it and all. My dad woke me up this morning with:

 “Are you awake, Lula-Mae?”

Which is really funny to me, and kept me cracking up most of the morning. There’s a rather long story behind that name that I’m not going to get into right now seeing that I’m at work taking a “stress-break”.

At Shutterbug I work back in a corner by myself, far away from the rest of the world, just myself and radio to keep me company. Speaking of which, I really hate all Bowling Green and Nashville radio stations. I miss Chattanooga’s! Here they play the same five or six songs over and over again. Except, of course, the oldies stations. They play the same fifteen to twenty songs over and over.

Like magic, every time a song I actually like begins to play, the compressor for the Chromira printer switches on; a deafening roar that blocks out all other noise, especially that of my dear little radio. It’s really annoying. The compressor is right next to my hole-in-the-wall work area–far, far away from everyone else, so I’m pretty much the only person affected by it. For the most part, anyways. Every now and again someone will be toting chemicals back and forth and have to be back around me, and they sort of jump and comment on how loud the compressor is when it turns on. I just try to look pitiful.

Speaking of the Chromira printer, for some odd reason today it printed random roll numbers on the prom I’m working on. So now, intstead of just checking to make sure everything was printed correctly, I had to sort and re-sort then take out the negs and log sheet and check every single shot on every single roll to make sure everything was where it was supposed to be and of the right quantity. With fourteen rolls in this madness, and thirty-six exposures on every roll, it’s more than a little time consuming and stressful on all of us, especially my father who doesn’t know why the brand-new printer is putting the wrong roll number on the pictures. All this work for a stupid prom. I didn’t even have a prom, gosh darnit.

Speaking of proms, here’s a few rules I’ve learned in my past few days in the packaging department.

1a) Yellow is not an appropriate color for an evening gown.

1b) especially if you’re blonde.

1c) especially if you’re a dyed blonde.

2) Never wear white if you’re afraid of the sunlight and are deathly pale to prove it.

3) Tennis shoes and tuxedos look ridiculous. (I don’t care how “hip” you think you are).

4) Don’t wear a strapless dress if you don’t have anything to hold it up…or so much it can’t be held up.

5) White dresses and black lipstick aren’t really very well combined.

6a) Don’t ever wear a hat that matches your date’s dress…

6b) Especially if your date’s dress is orange…

6c) and your tux is white.

Well, that’s all for now.


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