Too much adventure.

Sunday night was our big performance with the puppets( ).  Everything went really well. I ran the CD player in the back sound booth, so I felt all important. The church was packed out like it was sunday morning, and even some of my distant relatives came. We didn’t even know they knew about it, so it was a nice surprise. But now life can return to normal, without rehearsals every night and working on the stage and whatnot. Now dad can fix the brakes on the van so I can actually have something to drive.

I’m in the computer lab at work, again. I’m still on my lunch break, so don’t think I’m being a slacker or anything of the sort. (Like any of you would think that of me, right? Right. Ha.)

I’ve never heard back from Starbucks, and Martina keeps nagging me that I should call them again. I’m rather torn over the whole thing. I don’t particularily relish the idea of calling a company, saying:

 “Hi, remember me? I put in an application and you never called me back.”

And they’re going to reply:  “We know, now go away”.

Or, much worse, they’ll say: “Oh! We’re sorry, please  come in for an interview and tell us all about your coffee-making experience”

and I’m going to say: “Well, I don’t have any  coffee-making experience”

…then there will be this long silence, with papers rustling in the background, then they’ll say “Ah, yes. Now I remember why we never called you back. Now go away.”

And that will be that.   

I came to the conclusion a few hours ago as I was checking an order of about twenty rolls of little league baseball, that perhaps this is a lesson God’s trying to teach me, to be grateful that I have a job I can just pick up whenever I come home and drop again whenever I have to leave. I’m paid fairly well at Shutterbug and very well at the skate center. Why am I complaining? I’m not sure. Maybe it’s because Shutterbug is a walking death trap that’s going to give my dad another stroke. Who knows? But you know, that bit in the Bible that says something about if you’re found faithful with little then you’ll be given much, or something along those lines. (Forgive me, I don’t have a New Testament close by.) I was wondering if it was one of those things. See how well I do with a job I hate, and maybe we’ll see about something I want to do. I don’t know. I’m just working on learning my lesson, I guess.


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  1. I thought you’d get a kick out of this. I put in the LOTR:DVD tonight to relax while watching the special features. I thought of you! It was definitely relaxing, so thanks for the idea! I’ll call you tomorrow while I’m driving, as long as I have a signal! Love ya!

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