Good heavens.

This is my state, folks: dear old Kentucky. I was born here. I was raised here. Not sure yet if I’ll die here, but with spontaneous riots like this I guess it’s a possibility, huh? Ha.

Read it with a box of tissues, because you’ll probably laugh so hard you’ll cry. I don’t live in either of these counties, but Butler county is where I went two-stepping a few weeks ago.

Ah, the high-school life. You see, I missed out on all of that wonderful stuff, being as I was homeschooled my whole life. I did attend a tutorial for highschool, but we didn’t have any fun brawling activities since we didn’t have anyone to brawl with. No rivals. Such a pity. Not even a prom–not that I wanted one. The thing we all wanted, actually, was a masquerade. Never got that, either. Now, that was disappointing.

Lately I’ve been mourning the death of my coffee-man book. I had 4000 words already written in over the span of two weeks or so, but since I decided I didn’t really like him so much after all I had nothing left to write about. So, I quit. But I really wish I had some way to finish that thing, bring closure I guess, or at least give it the illusion of completion. Maybe I could turn it into a short story. I don’t know. Any ideas?

A couple from my church that is getting married asked me last night to play the piano at their wedding! Can you believe it? It just made my day.

Speaking of weddings, I found out this morning that the reason behind my old best friend’s hasty marriage is the fact she’s four months pregnant. I’m not surprised, I was actually sort of expecting it, but it adds a rather sour note to what was already a not-so-sweet situation. I wonder, now, if she really wants to marry him, or is just doing this because she thinks she should, like Ashley did.


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  1. I just got to help with my friend’s wedding the other day.  Cool that you can play.  Public high-school is just scary.  I had type of education similar to yours, and I am Very grateful.

  2. i could lend u a million ideas for ur book, but honestly only u can give the passion for a really gud piece. for some reason, whenever i try to think about something i start with trees. it always ends up gud. iono, im a bit odd. fun. peace

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