So, right now the decision is between Lightning Lucy and Gladys. As I told Bryce this morning, the window of opportunity to suggest a new name is now closed; please try again during our regular hours of operation.

I’ll give you some background on the names.

For those who don’t attend Lee University–which would mean, I think, all but four of you–Lucy and Gladys are two of our cafeteria ladies, and are really nice, as well. They both really should be retired, and I always feel bad when I see them working. Lucy especially. She’s a rather slow mover, but she can still chase you out of the cafeteria when it’s time to close. She’s a heroine of mine, and her name Lightning Lucy is, I assure you, a name used with much affection, at least for me. I didn’t start calling her that. Gladys was always there in the morning,  always with a smile and a sincere how are things today? . She always makes us smile, too.

So those are my names. I’ve been trying them out as I drive; while my dear vehicle tries desperately to accelerate, I call out Come on, Gladys! or You can do it, Lucy!  to see which fits the best, and I still can’t decide.

Let me know which is your favorite! One last time, I promise.


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