I have to learn the words to the song they sing while they’re helping the Toymaker make toys.

“We should be happy when we work!”

I was singing the melody to myself today as I was cutting down Amy Ellis’ orders. (Her name bothers me everytime I see it! I always smudge things together and I read it “Allis” instead of “Amy Ellis” every single time!) Anyway, I should find the lyrics, print them out and make the computer lab sing them every half-hour or something. They need some excitement in there. Hunter suggested a disco ball, or circus monkies, but I think a song or two should do the trick.

My birthday is tomorrow. I wasn’t going to say anything, but I changed my mind just as I sat down at my computer. I’ll be nineteen, but I really don’t feel that excited. Nineteen is such an un-important number.

I played the violin this morning, practicing the jig as well as going over a few songs in my book. Now, my fingers hurt and the tips are swollen. Or, were swollen, earlier today. They’re fine now.


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  1. Hey happy belated birthday. And trust me 19 was one of the happiest years of my life. Well, the happiest actually, coz that was when I began uni, and I was actually REALLY popular (not just known by everyone). Was cool to have everyone want you around all the time.
    peace, and hope you had a great day.

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