Sorry to ramble on about this, but it’s what’s at the forefront of my mind at the moment.

My hands hurt; I practiced for four hours today at the church, The Lord’s Prayer as well as Jesu. I’ve not had to do that for some time–that is, practice for hours like a madwoman. There’s one part that’s still giving me fits. 

 My fingers have never really hurt so badly as they have in the past few weeks, between the violin, the mandolin and the piano (as the mad pianist in me arises). They’re probably quite disgusted with me, my fingers. Last night I played the mandolin until the tips of my fingers turned purple. Purple. I didn’t know stringed instrument could do that to one’s fingertips. 

Everyone says they like the Korean song played on the Irish low whistle the best. I prefer it as well.

I had the opportunity to meet as well as rehearse with Dan. It turns out we’re only doing Schubert’s version, which is a relief to me. I was really wondering where all of this music was going to fit in. When I spoke with Dan on the phone, his voice was rather soft and–well, for lack of a better wordwispy. I didn’t really think about what he would sound like singing. That is, not until he practically blew me away. Nothing could have prepared me for the sheer volume of his voice. I was having to pound the keys to be able to hear the piano! (And I really hate doing that.) I’ll have to make sure he’s facing a little away from me during the wedding.  


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  1. ooo is that your bed? i’m so jealous. i really need to get a headboard.
    i dreamt last night that i tried to play my clarinet and i just couldn’t… it’s been four years since i’ve picked the thing up so that isn’t as weird as it sounds.
    good luck on playing for the wedding =D

  2. HeyheyGood luck with the wedding gig.  My sis plays at weddings too!  Don’t worry no competition =D  She’s out here in NY. =)  Thanks for your comment.  I guess a lizard is a step up from bugs… I have yet to find a four legged creature in my room yet– if you don’t count dust bunnies haha.  Good luck with your purple finger =)

  3. Yeah, good luck with the wedding…I’m sure it will be beautiful- good music, and good instruments!! Y’know, I always wondered about people’s choices about which instrument(s) to play: When I started playing, I was about 8 years old…and didn’t know anything about the different instruments- so I picked up a clarinet because it looked pretty. So here I am a good 12 years later, still playing, and wondering what would’ve happened had I chosen something else…not that I don’t love playing clarinet, but I am a bit envious of people who have spent that much time learning piano- it just seems more versatile to me. Hmmm. Just a random thought…woah, I’m rambling. ‘Night 🙂

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