When I woke this morning it was still dark, and that blue-gray obscurity was swirling about us.

I opened my eyes to stare directly at the sun, or a close rendition of it; the tattoo in the center of my husband’s back, blazing, providing a backdrop for four greek words: agape, ……

Outside someone’s car horn blared, but weakly, like the bleat of a goat or lamb; I pitied the person already heading for work on a day like today, on a Saturday. I’m glad I finally have a Monday-through-Friday-only job.Nothing carries over. Refreshing.

I glanced blearily at the alarm clock next to the bed to try and make out the position of the hands. It was five o’clock, exactly–and I was wide awake.

I imagined going ahead and getting up in the midst of this darkness to make a cup of coffee, and to respond cordially to the cat’s frantic “good morning, good morning, good morning” that is her daybreak ritual. But what then would I do for the next four hours until Jeremy woke up? I was in no mood to be productive.

I sat upright for a few moments until the choice became clear to me, then laid back down.  No choice at all.


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