in sickness and in health

The past week has been something of a horror, healthwise.

It all started with Jeremy coming down with some flu-like symptom the Saturday before last, which inevitably passed to me by Wednesday. So we did what the typical married couple does in light of our wedding vows and alternately cared for each other/bossed each other around as to the proper methods of avoiding and recovering from a sickness.

By the next Saturday everything was fine, although some fatigue and headaches still persisted on my part. But on Sunday, I brought home food from a burger joint that shall remain nameless (otherwise known as the Checkers across from Wal-Mart) which we both partook of. By early Monday we were both stricken with an illness the details of which I will not tarnish your mind’s eye with, but you might say that we are ever so thankful for the his-and-her one-and-a-half-bathrooms we now have, as they not only saved us from unnecessary squabbling as to whether the husband or wife has first rights to the porcelain throne, we actually got some extra “quality time” by the fact that neither of us could really leave said seats of glory.

Everything continued on through yesterday, though by last night Jeremy was better while I was the one still writhing in pain, but the morning brought such feelings of normality and health that we have been forced to return to our regularly scheduled lives (already in progress.)

in sickness and in health

6 thoughts on “in sickness and in health

  1. Next time buy some soup IN CANS.  Safer.  Seriously, I can sympathize – the second go-around sounds worse than the first.  We too appreciate two bathrooms, and wonder how we ever survived with none.  Glad you’re better.  Love to Both.

  2. my jeremy seems to be the first to get over our “joint illnesses” as well… can a name increase the quality of an immune system? hmmm… something to ponder.glad ya’ll are better!

  3. yeah, good ol’ NC. all signs point seem to say that we ought to be there. and i’m more than ready to leave this city. you know me – i wanna pick wildflowers.
    i’m sorry to hear that you’ve been sick! but, i’m so glad to hear that you have more than one bathroom! keith and i upgraded our craphole… i mean, apartment last summer, we have two bedrooms, but still just one bathroom. that’s kinda been my nightmare, that we’d both get sick at the same time. so far, God has let us just get it in turns.
    i’m glad you’re feeling a better now, though. we like stories with happy endings.
    love and hugs,- M

  4. I know I know/ I am/ hehe/ But I kind of got my wish/ I ran into a random dutch guy in Carefore last night and got coffee and random stranger/ which is really just as good as beer and random stranger if not better

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