The auditorium was full to the brim with people, all sitting, not one chair in the stadium-style row upon row of seats was vacant. It looked like a movie theatre, to be honest, but this was no matinee screening–this was church, and I knew it, if only by the fact that everyone was dressed in the finest clothes their income could muster. Hovering above the massive slope of seated people, on stage above the sea of blonde, brunette, red-haired, balding heads was a man, alone, and he was speaking. Like a father to children he addressed the congregation, nearing the end of the sermon, the subject of which is now lost in memory.

His voice was not that of your typical preacher, especially not that kind we find so often here in the south. He was quiet. There was no thunder in his speech, only meekness, humility. And he drew the sermon to a close, and told the people gathered that the time for worship had come. And, somehow, I knew what might happen next.

At first there was quiet, but even as he asked the crowd to stay a family near the front began to gather their things, not really bothering to be inconspicuous, only standing and heading for the exits. No sooner had they crossed the threshold when another group followed suit, then another, and another, until it seemed everyone was preparing to leave, rustling their belongings, though no words were spoken, only that quiet man on the stage continued to speak, asking people to stay, telling them to please not go. Still they paid no heed.

When the final congregants had at last exited the auditorium there were only a handful left in the place, listening, ready.

The harvest is plentiful, but the workers…


13 thoughts on “rumors

  1. what you wrote has come to the forefront of my mind once or twice this week.  we’re about to have this huge outreach on campus tomorrow night–it’s called afterdark.  we’d love for you to pray for us.
    also, the “day in the life of” pictures might be up on my page soon.  i’ve been thinking about some shots as i’ve gone through my day.  it could be fun.  plus, since there are lots of photojournalism majors here, i won’t get many odd looks for taking pictures around campus.

  2. my last day at the cleveland cb is feb 28th. is there a sunday in the next few weeks that would be good for us to come down? obviously this coming one won’t work but if you let me know what’s good for yall, i’ll ask for the day off.

  3. thanks for the compliment about the colors.  i like to change them.  and about the window accident: i don’t know.  but i do enjoy going up to the top of the library and sitting!

  4. No problem. Glad to have your comments. New contacts are always fun.As it happens, I just sent a message to Mitzvetsia. She’s in the my city, but we haven’t met. I dig her xanga though.Lke the story. It’s a good picture.

  5. what was the b&b you stayed at in St. Augustine? I tried to google b&b in St. Augustine and got hundreds of results.I dreamed last night that I got to work and you were working there again as a cashier and you were getting off work and were going to walk home, which in my dream I calculated would take you two hours in the freezing cold. So I said I would drive you home right quick, but I had to ask a manager first and it took me too long to find one and I wasn’t going to have time; when I finally found a manager, he said no and I threw a fit and said I was going to anyway because it was the right thing to do. Oh, and there was a chocolate cake in the breakroom, I remember being excited about that.

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