The Phantom Leak, and other tales.

I bought myself a new coffee maker not long after I finished writing the last post, spending a good fifteen minutes or so in the appliance aisle at Wal-Mart debating on size and style and wondering why everything I own seems to be flimsily made of plastic…I don’t think I like plastic anymore.

I finally settled on one maker that looked suspiciously like the one I had before (the one whose coffeepot met its most untimely end in the kitchen sink) except it boasted a twelve-cup capacity instead of only four. Since Jeremy has recently taken up drinking coffee when I make it, I thought it would be prudent to have the ability to make enough for both of us at once. This is the reasoning of a college-graduate mind. I am glad to see that the mounds of student loans are there for a reason.

We have something of a phenomenon occurring in the hallway in front of the bathroom: a leak that apparently has no source, no rhyme or reason to the way it appears and disappears at will, and no way to be fixed. The maintenance guys have been in to look at it at least five times since before Christmas, but have found no problems in our apartment, the apartment above us, or the foundation. It’s all very strange and disconcerting.

The Phantom Leak, and other tales.

4 thoughts on “The Phantom Leak, and other tales.

  1. Apt Life is the coolest thing! Thanks for the info.Did I tell you (I may have) that we are developing an interdisciplinary MA in Community Development that will train people for NGO work like this? I love this concept.

  2. I talked to my manager last night and she was really apologetic that she forgot to give me Sunday off, so she promised I would have next sunday off (the 25th). I’m supposed to leave her a little sticky note to remind her.Speaking of mounds of student loans, I just got my letter from Sallie Mae informing me that my first payment is due on March 3rd. Real life, here I come.

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