top of the world

I, the lone woman, have done what three maintenance men could not do: I found the leak.

I opened the laundry room [closet] doors yesterday to move some clothes into the dryer, and froze as I could hear a steady drip, drip, drip somewhere in the back left corner of the room [closet]. I pulled out the stuff I had sitting on the water heater to find that a pipe coming from the top of the contraption was leaking water at a quite steady pace. The water was then running down the side of the heater, forming a puddle on the floor, and whatever this puddle could not hold was leaking out into the hallway. I set a bowl underneath the pipe to catch the water and went to call the office. When I came back to it some six or seven minutes later, the bowl was almost full. It was a steady leak.

This morning in our English class I brought the ladies an envelope containing about 220 nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, and whatnot and, pouring the contents of said envelope onto the table, had the students make sentences separately or a story collectively. They chose the former, and we sat around the table for forty-five minutes or so stringing words together to make coherent English sentences.

It was interesting to me to see the different approach that each woman had to the assignment. One started right away with forming several small phrases, while another formed one long sentence, than seemed rather lost as to what to do next. A third, the philosopher of the group, wrote this:

My mother is happy in Mexico.
I am the glad daughter living in Georgia.
It’s difficult to live here. When I’m very sad,
I really write for the beautiful…to the sun,
the clouds, my father, my sister, and all is brilliant.

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top of the world

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