all that is glass

For some time now we’ve been wanting to do something with our dining room table, whose scratched and spray-painted surface has had to be covered with a slightly-too-large tablecloth that has the annoying habit of being long enough to be sat on. It’s a pain, but it’s somewhat pretty, and it conceals the ugliness of the table itself, only exposing the legs which are sleek and shapely wrought iron.

Since our dining room has something of an Italian theme going (supplied by the fact that all of Jeremy’s venetian art is on the walls) We thought it would be interesting to mosaic the top of the table, making it both aesthetically pleasing and uniquely ours, but we weren’t really sure how to go about finding the glass/stone/bits of pottery that would need to be employed in such a project. Thus the mosaic idea was put on the backburner for a while, and the tablecloth left on the table, while I fantasized about throwing the whole set in the trash and starting afresh.

About a week ago, however, we found out that Ikea (the large Scandinavian furniture superstore with Wal-Mart prices but quality to boot) not only salvages its broken plates, vases, cups, saucers, etc.–it puts all the pieces in plastic bins to be perused and picked through by starving artists yearning to make mosaics. For free!

So yesterday we trekked down to 17th Street and came back with a small tub full of glass and ceramic pieces. The table may finally be covered! And by something other than cloth!

Now all I have to do is…learn how to do mosaics.

all that is glass

13 thoughts on “all that is glass

  1. You can do it!!!! I went to the Home school group at WBC last night and I helped the kids make mosaic cards using scrapbook paper. Not the same thing I guess. You can do it!!!!!

  2. Mosaics sound like fun.I’m really torn in the middle right now about Cracker Barrel. My anniversary date is April 4 and at that time, I’ll get two weeks vacation pay (read: two extra checks) so I really need to stay until then. But I talked to the manager at a CB store near mom’s house yesterday about transferring. My understanding of the process was that I basically pick which store I want to go to and if they have room, I automatically work there. Well, he wants to meet me when I move up there and I think it’s basically going to be me interviewing for the job I’ve been doing for the past 3 yrs. And what’s worse is that my heart is really not in it. I’m not even sure I want to work there and if I do work there until I get my vacation checks, I’m going to be leaving as soon as the money’s in the bank. Obviously, I can’t tell the manager that I’m only going to work there for a month; he’d never hire me. But the sad thing is I don’t know if I can fake enthusiasm for doing my job at his store. I’m stuck in between worrying that I won’t get the job and worrying that I will. Isn’t that crazy?! The lesson here is to stop worrying and just let God do what He sees fit. Regardless, I’m ready to move up there already.

  3. Anonymous says:

    mosaics aren’t hard… and you’re so artistic, it’ll be easy to pick up.  i’ve covered a couple of tables back home… and it’s SUCH A BLAST!
    put a picture up once you’re finished.  it’s gonna look great.

  4. I wondered what had happened to that idea/ It sounded so cool — take notes — if I actually end up moving back to that hemisphere for a few years and doing normal things like owning furniture I might come down to Atlanta and make you (jack bauer style- at gunpoint — sorry- catching up on 24 lately – spring festival holidays — Kieffer! — he’s not as much fun as he used to be) show me this Ikea place/ I’m really spazzy today/ Whoohoo/

  5. No caffine pills or vodka :(/ I think “if” was just nod to the best laid plans of mice and men/ Everything has been so up in the air lately I have trouble hearing the words “I will do blah blah” come out of my mouth/ One day I’m leaving at the end of April — next march — now April again (who needs money!)/ And I guess staying in that hemisphere is contingent on grad-school which I haven’t heard about yet/ grrhehe – I think thats exactly why kieffer isn’t as much fun anymore/ aww- good times/

  6. good luck with the mosaic thing. it sounds like one of those things i’d try and then fail miserably at. my thesis… i’m supposedly shooting for somewhere around 50 pages, and a finished draft of it is due on thursday, march 1. the whole thing is real-honest-to-God due on march 30, after revision and defense and everything. whew.

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