strange is as it does

I’ve trekked across what seems like more a stretch of time than distance to arrive at Lee for Missions Week. Setting up the booth the support center sent me was far more difficult than I thought, yet not nearly so impossible as it seemed when I first removed it from the box. I think it only took twenty minutes to figure out how to assemble it, and then once that was discovered the actual setup was rather simple.

Being here is surreal. It’s only been a year, but a lot seems to have changed. Its strange to be here and not be part of it. To be around all these students and not be one. Even so in coming back here and speaking to old professors and such I feel like I’ve reverted to the old, shy, student version of myself. I have to keep reminding myself that I’m here as a graduated professional. Bleh.

if I peer too closely at the details
my head explodes.

now and again, if I think too hard
my breath catches
and I go cross-eyed.

imagine me, the cross-eyed wonder
trying to understand you
while scraping my brains off the ceiling.

strange is as it does

6 thoughts on “strange is as it does

  1. I wonder what it would feel like to actually leave the campus I got my degree from. sometimesif I peer too closely at the detailsmy head explodes.

  2. hee.  yes, i usually do just set them to private.  when a whole lot more of my friends had blogs they used to get so annoyed with me for deleting all of my posts.  but i deleted them often because i’d go back and read them and feel dumb.

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