Good Morning!

Just to give everyone a heads up, I’ll be switching to Xanga Lock in the next couple of days–that means that  you’ll have to be logged into your xanga account to be able to read my page.

I had avoided doing this, but after a few weeks of getting several “unknown” footprints I feel it would probably be in my best interest to limit who can visit my site.

Any friends/family members who frequent my Xanga but do not have Xanga accounts, let me know and I can set one up for you. 🙂

Ok, that’s it!


One thought on “FYI

  1. Its aliens you know, the ones leaving “unknown” footprints. But never fear, they’re afraid of salt. And ok then. Um. Tattoo. Delima. Forget me saying I knew what I wanted. Still know WHERE though, on my back in the middle, high enough so it wouldn’t show when I leaned over to pick something up. Basically nobody would see it. It’d be for me. And being for me there are some things I’d like it to symbolize, incorporate, but the rest of the world making anything written in chinese a cliche is giving me some problems. I’ve toyed with a few designs putting a certain phrase in highly stylized, squiggly line (the technical term) calligraphy running in a circle. China and Chinese are such an enduring part of my life that I can’t help but want that reflected, but I dont’ know that I’m clever enough to do it in a way that isn’t cliched. Any suggestions? I’m close to abandoning the idea.

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