out the window

I haven’t found anything interesting to say for three weeks. It’s true. I will blame most of that on the fact that I spend far too much time indoors. I would open the windows now, but then I would have to turn the heat off, and by turning the heat off I might freeze to death, and then no one would ever finish the laundry. Not that I ever truly finish the laundry, myself, but you see my dilemma. At the present I must content myself to sit on the floor with the windows closed and enjoy the aroma of the house; now cherry blossom and vanilla and a hint of the coffee I made three hours ago. I can also smell the gasoline from the landscaping tools the men outside are using. Yet another reason to keep the windows closed.

I am anxious, and it isn’t just the caffeine.
The porch door blinds are slanted open and I can see the buildings and trees and skies outside. It looks much warmer than I imagine it probably is–I wonder if global warming has gone on vacation for the month.  Through the window I see my upstairs neighbor is just now leaving for his job. When he gets home tonight he’ll stop by the house for Jeremy and I to help him with his English pronunciation.

I went for the first time yesterday to the grocery store across the street. It was like stepping into another country. I might shop there from now on–for staples, anyway, or for interesting things I can’t find anywhere else, like cow tails and legs, or pig’s feet. I’ll admit, there were other things for sale there that even I felt squeamish even looking at, but there are “normal” types of meat available as well. I bought milk and mango-flavored suckers covered in lemon-chile powder as an afterthought. If you have never eaten a spicy sucker, then you’re missing out. Leave me your address and I’ll mail you one.


out the window

5 thoughts on “out the window

  1. So glad you are back.  I have been missing you.  Grandpa is mowing the lawn.  As far as my azalea’s,  that were just beginning to bloom when global warming went south,  the frost  froze all those in bloom and also the buds. Dogwood trees were in full bloom and now the blooms are all brown.  Pansies are still pretty. I did cut a few flowers to put on cross at Church Sunday morning, also took a couple of pieces of f the orchids.  The cross was full and flowers and very impressive.  I played the hymns for the Sunrise Service, so we got up at 5 A.M. to make the 6:30 service.

  2. hmm those suckers sound interesting– chilli flavoured chocolate (chilli in the british-english sense of the world I realize I must add) is quite good too : )/ I’ll be stateside again in a little over two weeks!

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