favorite things II


Hard to believe it, but we’re only one month or so away from one whole year of living here. As with everything, it seems like so much longer than that, and at the same time it feels much shorter. [This is why it is said: do not meddle in the affairs of feelings, for they are finicky and prone to deception.]

Tomorrow is our big community-wide yard sale, and a sizeable piece of my afternoon will be dedicated to rummaging about the house in order to find things to sell. The problem with me is that I attach far too much emotional significance to far too many inanimate objects. I think we need to be signed up for some TLC-type de-cluttering show, or at least petition the advice of holy mother Martha Stewart [patron saint of homemakers] who I’m sure would frown on the clutter in the office.

After the yard sale, we’ve been invited to our first-ever-Mexican-wedding, which both thrills and terrifies me at once. I have no idea what I’m going to wear.

Sitting alone, sitting on a pillow
Waiting to climb the walls

favorite things II

13 thoughts on “favorite things II

  1. Which is the brightest, the toenails or the shoes?  You are so right about meddling in the affairs of feelings! 
    We cleaned out PKJ61’s old room for a new carpet: (it was laid Wednesday): there are a lot of things I do not want to move back in there and the ladies at Church plan a flea market table for the Strawberry Fest, May 5th.  I hope to add many items to that.  May 5th is also PKJ61’s birthday and the day Emmalora (spelled right?) moves in until the end of the school year.

  2. hey, thanx for the comment. i love ur site, btw. its so awesome–background is my favorite. i adore van gogh. did u set up the layout urself? anywho, u look young for someone to be married. from ur pic, i assumed u were in high school too.

  3. RYC: Thanks for stopping by and giving me feedback on the novel title.  As a whole, no one really liked them.  I just put a new post up with a synopsis of the book and am looking for suggestions for a title if you have the time to spare to take a quick read.
    Again, I appreciate the feedback.

  4. Thanks.  The novel is third person.  every third chapter is from the point of view of one of the main characters.  Some people notice and some people don’t.  In chapter one, you can see what Sebastian is thinking, in chapter two Adria, in chapter three Duke, but its still third person overall.
    The book sort of breaks down like this:
    chapters 1 to 11 is all in modern time.
    Starting at chapter 12 there is one flashback chapter followed by two current time chapters.
    We go to the Vineyard on Roswell Road across the street from Williamson Brothers

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