i’ve seen this light before

I have lately taken to pondering why I can’t seem to find anything to put on here. I think it’s because this page has become a haven of updates, and I never wanted this online journal to become nothing but updates.

But if I don’t write updates, then not only will you not really know what’s going on in our lives, I won’t really have anything to write, either.

So I avoid writing things that sound like the morning news, and in doing so am left with nothing but to show you what I’ve been reading, watching, listening to lately, etc.

I just need to do more looking around, I think. More looking out windows.

Last night, for the first time in what feels like forever I felt in my mind the sparks of a poem being birthed, and it was a good feeling. I have not written much in the way of poetry since my creative writing class my junior year at college. I think my poetic fervor was squashed sometime during that semester.

If I can find the time during the next two days, I will regale you all with the story of the Never-Ending Extended Remix of Clair de Lune that an entire wedding audience was subjected to last week, and how that particular version of the song managed to be composed.

i’ve seen this light before

8 thoughts on “i’ve seen this light before

  1. I agree about this being more than just updates. Jarboes think a lot. I would like to see us put on some questions, poems, etc. get some dialog going. Maybe we also have a lot of fear. We play it too safe. What do you think about that?

  2. Mine was nothing but excuses for a while… hope to do better now that summer started, though. And aren’t updates better than nothing?
    I love the picture too!

  3. I, for one, enjoy the updates.  Hit’s nice ta know that som’pin plain in’a my life,
    ain’t so plain when hit’s someone elses.  Kinda a lettle wender in’ta your’alls days, ya know?
    Keeps me from be’in so lonely her’in tha holl’er.

  4. I understand, Eb, but for me it’s kind of like the writing equivalent of drawing stick figures when I should be painting landscapes. Know what I mean?I’m sure Miz Margie Mae understands, you can ask her.

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