You know you’ve crossed the line into adulthood

…when you see one of those
parking lot carnivals,
and all you can think of
is a stomachache.

I should know by now to never, ever follow the links to the online “news” stories that are always present on the left-hand side of the screen when I access my hotmail account. (WHEW that was a long sentence.) Even though the topics may be interesting, and the catch phrase, well, suitably catchy, they are most often hardly worth the title of “news” and are nearly always a waste of my time.

It should seem common knowledge to someone in the journalism business–or at least to a college freshman, if they were forced to take a sociology class their first semester, like I was–that 26 people hardly constitutes a survey, and even if it did you certainly couldn’t publish the results as scientific. But twice now have I blindly followed MSN’s catch phrases to an article which used a “study” of that many people (or less) to make some ridiculous statement about mankind as a whole.

I always imagine that somewhere out there is some young online journalist who is as bad at procrastinating as I am, and once again running up on a deadline she (or he) is frantically trying to find something to write a story on. Scrambling though the recesses of information that the internet has to offer, she finds the blog of an amateur sociologist and, by now desperate, converts their meager findings to a 200-word generalized blurb about the human race with a catch phrase just good enough to catch my eye while I’m checking my mail.

I am Not Amused, and the kitten sitting parrot-like on my shoulder most certainly agrees.

You know you’ve crossed the line into adulthood

4 thoughts on “You know you’ve crossed the line into adulthood

  1. I noticed the same ‘news’ items, and thought, “How rediculous, to call surverying 25  or 26 people a scientific finding.
    Lately I have been thinking more about how people who do not believe that God Created the Heavens and the Earth fall for anything.  Of course, Global Warming is one of the big things, but there are many more examples. 

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