end of an era

opera2 The one slightly good thing about insomnia is that you see stuff like this before anyone else is your timezone does.

I just saw this, and literally said “Oh, no!” out loud.

R.I.P Luciano Pavarotti.

Your rendition of Nessun Dorma is and always will be my favorite aria on my World’s Greatest Opera Hits cd.

Edit: So I was awake last night from 3 a.m. to about 6 this morning. Who knows?

Laying awake at night can yield the most fruitful thinking sessions sometimes. Last night, for whatever reason, I began thinking of limericks, then tried to compose my own. Writing a limerick in the middle of the night is something like trying to finish a Sodoku puzzle where you realize, at the last line, that you’ve done the whole thing wrong.

I decided that if we ever owned a Siamese cat in the future, her name should be Tuptim.

I made a mental list of the things I had to do today, then erased it all when I remembered I already had made a real to-do list, and it was sitting on our coffee table.

I briefly considered switching from limericks to haikus, then decided against it.

When I finally fell asleep I dreamed I killed three men in self-defense.

end of an era

4 thoughts on “end of an era

  1. Anonymous says:

    I want kitty cats if for no other reason than to name them from T.S. Eliot.All of my dogs will be named from the phonetic alphabet … although I did adopt those two kitties and name them Tango and Whiskey.I should be asleep right now.

  2. You inherited the insomnia!  My Mother used to get up in the night and write letters or clean a closet.  I turn on the light and read because your Grandfather does not mind, but like you, when I go back to sleep I have weird dreams.

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