edit: The realtor called, and the bank accepted our offer!! Holy Buckets! So now we have to find an inspector to make sure the house doesn’t have any hidden surprises, like faulty wiring or a sinking foundation. Here are pictures and information; no stick-shaking, if you please!



Front! So pretty, but when you’re close up to it you can see how much work it needs.
(Which is EXACTLY why we wanted it.)


Living room–two stories tall. That wallpaper is going to be a BEAR to get off, so any help will be greatly appreciated!


Formal dining, with more of The-Wallpaper-That-Must-Be-Removed.


The dark stuff on the floor…that’s dirt and grease. But the window on the right is a bay window! 😀 So it all evens out in the end.

a bedroom

“A Guest Bedroom”

And basement!

If you couldn’t tell yet, it’s a fixer-upper. But it’s exactly what we’ve been looking for…I mean exactly what we’ve been looking for. I am so thankful to God for his faithfulness. At the point when we all feel like abandoning the dream, we find this. Please be in prayer for us as we find an inspector and close the deal! 

Yesterday I bought this book, and I think I am adding it to the esteemed list of “Books That Erin Likes Quite A Lot”. If you skip the rubbish about the Neanderthals and Cavemen (mercifully only a few pages long), it’s actually a great objective look and how wonderfully weird our English language is, and the factors that made it that way. (And it includes random lists of wonderful words such as the one used to title this entry, which I will NOT give the meaning to, but will tell you that I
am one. You’ll have to look it up for yourselves.It’ll be fun!)  At any rate, it’s far better than the last book I bought by the same title, which was a long, dry and wordy study concerning how children acquire language, which is really an interesting topic, except that the author was wont to explain everything away as unremarkable or just another sign of evolution, and it made me feel rather like I was reading about the process of wallpaper removal (which surely isn’t as interesting as it might appear.)

Speaking of wallpaper, yesterday we went to sign papers on our offer on a house we are trying to buy. I can tell you that we’ll probably hear tomorrow as to whether or not they’ll accept the offer, but I won’t tell you anymore than that, because I am hesitant to load this entry with information about a house that we don’t really have yet. I promise instead to keep you updated as things unfold, and to wallpaper this page with pictures and websites and more information than you can shake a stick at once we’ve got it. (And probably to overwhelm you all with exclamation points!)



9 thoughts on “Crytoscopophiliac!

  1. ok i looked up the word and found the meaning mentioned by the author of the book you have listed no less.  Really?  I won’t list the meaning either.   I won’t spoil it for anyone else. I think I do the same thing  but I’m not sure.  I ‘ll have to think about it and pay attention next time I’m . . . . .

  2. What a great, great first home that would be! Love it! and don’t talk to me about wallpaper. We took it off all rooms, all ceilings and even in the small closets in our first home! I’m sure they make it easier to do that now. I hope! How’s the teeth-er-lack of teeth, I mean?auntie sue

  3. Anonymous says:

    On removing wallpaper. I did that a couple of years ago and after scraping, applying wet towels and other suggestions, we finally rented a steamer. Wish we had tried the steamer first – it was so easy.

  4. Congratulations, that is the coolest house on your side of the ocean (because, obviously, we own the coolest house on our side). I still have to look up the word but I will soon!Isn’t buying a house exciting? I think it is!

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