…makes three.

I’ve been sick for a week.

My supervisor finally convinced me to go to Urgentcare on Friday, which I relunctantly agreed to only because I felt truly awful, hadn’t been able to eat hardly at all, and I really don’t like the doctor I’ve been seeing recently. So I went in, withstood the typical barrage of pregnancy questions (and lent my standard explanation of why that wasn’t possible), let them draw blood, stared at the ceiling for about twenty minutes, and just about died from shock when the doctor came back in and told me I am pregnant.

…makes three.

20 thoughts on “…makes three.

  1. Ahhh! Yay! What wonderful, awesome news! I’m sorry that you’ve been feeling so rotten though, but I’ve always been told that is truly a good sign–even though it doesn’t feel like one. You are in my prayers, Erin. You, Jeremy, and that sweet little person. Love always,Leah

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