It’s a rainy day here in the land of the over-priced automobile. The darker weather turns the window in front of my computer into more of a mirror, and I use it as a observation device to make sure no one sneaks up on me from behind.

It might not surprise you to learn that the rain makes business at a car dealership incredibly slow. While people are afraid to venture out in their cars, apparently they’re afraid to use the phone, too.

(Of course, as I type this, the phone is ringing for the first time in about ten minutes.)

So I practice writing notes in Korean and passing them to my co-workers, and think about lunch time, and about uniforms that don’t work, and a painting I might do…so many thoughts on a rainy day.


3 thoughts on “

  1. You are adding Korean to your list now?  It has been cold and drizzly here also.  Grandpa and I went to ‘Old folks’  luncheon today, stopped at Aunt Pam’s for a minute, then came home and I used the heater pad to get the chills out of me. 

  2. you know, rain makes for a quiet time at the insurance office, too. after the rain, though, it gets a little busy with the accident notifications.
    sounds like a nice soft way to end a work week.
    love and hugs,- M

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