in the spring

To answer a question posed: I eat artichokes in spinach dip. I have tried them other ways, but that is my favorite.

I am really enjoying my new position. I have three regular classes–two Spanish 2 and one Spanish 4 class–two of them are very easygoing and rather enjoyable. The third–well, let’s just say that I have about six very chatty children all in the same class. And chat they do.

I just occurred to me that the word for cat in french is chat, and chatting is what my chat does. (She is very talkative.)


Picture drawn for classroom.
El búho dice: ya me cansé.



in the spring

3 thoughts on “in the spring

  1. Glad to hear you enjoy it! Do you work every day? And how many children are in one class? Is it a high school?(Oof, that’s an awful lot of questions, sorry about that..)

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