Well, I have survived Full Week Of Teaching I, and have entered Full Week of Teaching II with considerably less energy–though just as many ideas–as last week.

My room is absolutely frigid. I have spent the majority of the day shivering uncontrollably and alternately trying to type and warm my hands by sitting on them. I am now exhausted by the perpetual muscle spasms.

I have a paper crane collection starting on my desk. Apparently one of my students knows origami; she makes them out of candy wrappers.  She does it while she listens, and I inevitably find a crane or two around her seat after class.





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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hooray !  I know you are a wonderful teacher.  (And I have discovered that being young, unique, and cute always helps even the most skilled !)I have been teaching for over a year now, and the schedule still gets to me.  I’m almost always tired.  My mentor tells me it can take a couple of years to get used to the physical demands of teaching … and I’m starting to believe her, be it begrudgingly.

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